Ready to Go

Form to outline medical and contact information for health care.


The Ready to Go form is used to provide necessary medical and contact information for individuals in OPWDD operated and/or certified programs brought to the hospital or other health care facility, for scheduled, urgent, or emergent medical care. This form is a valuable tool which provides important and current information based on the specific needs of the individual who is to be receiving care. This form accompanies a packet of information (usually kept in a folder or binder) which goes with the individual when they go to the health care facility providing scheduled, urgent, or emergent care.

If you are preparing a Ready to Go packet for a Willowbrook class member, utilize the Ready to Go check list with the Ready to Go packet. Prior to taking a Willowbrook class member to the hospital, please make sure this check list of information is complete.

In a life-threatening situation, please ensure that the individual is provided appropriate care and is transported as quickly as possible to the emergency room.   


Ready to Go Form

Ready to Go Checklist