Notice of Rights

The Notice of Rights outlines the rights and entitlements for services for Willowbrook class members.  It is to be placed into each class member’s permanent record maintained by all their providers, as well as the clinical file for the residence and day programs, and the service coordination record. 

For copies of the Notice of Rights please contact your DDRO Willowbrook liaison.

Willowbrook Permanent Injunction

This document includes the terms and provisions agreed upon for Willowbrook class members. The permanent injunction guarantees certain basic rights, and sets standards for community residential and treatment services, case management and advocacy services. 


Informed Consent

Willowbrook class members are entitled to Informed Consent, which ensures an individual and/or advocate is fully apprised of options before making a decision, especially where health care is concerned. 

Willowbrook Residential Expansion Procedures

Certified programs serving Willowbrook class members are required to operate within a designated capacity.  Any increase in that capacity must be approved by the Willowbrook attorneys.

Willowbrook Contacts

For questions or more information on Willowbrook, you can contact the  Willowbrook Liaison at the OPWDD Developmental Disabilities Regional Office (DDRO) in your area.


You can also contact:

OPWDD Statewide Willowbrook Liaison

Angie Francis



OPWDD Deputy Commissioner, Regional Offices

Abiba Kindo



OPWDD General Counsel

Eileen Haynes